Overcoming Bias & Improving Critical Thinking

Build your self awareness, become aware of bias, and improve critical thinking so you can make sense of a chaotic world.

Master your self awareness and critical thinking.

How can you improve your critical thinking, have a more balanced perspective and improve the conversations you have? It starts with building your self awareness and becoming more heart centered physiologically. Dr. Madhava Setty & Joe Martino will introduce you to practices and insights that will help you master your thinking. You'll learn to see where your own bias' exist and how to clearly see bias in other people, news articles, and in situations. Bias is not just useful for making sense of our world, but also in our relationships. How are we seeing situations in the important relationships in our lives? Can we learn to become more present and objective? Can we learn to communicate better?

 We're in an important time for making sense of our world, and this course is a crucial part of becoming someone who can supercharge their awareness and thinking.

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Meet The Instructors

Madhava Setty & Joe Martino have a wealth of experience building the skills taught in this course.

If you feel like it's becoming more and more difficult to make sense of what's going on in our world, and you want to develop useful skills in self-awareness and critical thinking, this is the place to be.

As a member taking this exclusive course, you're taking the first step in an important journey into self discovery and self awareness. Often times in spiritual work, we might forget to examine our thinking, habits, and automatic patterns. Since spirituality is really all about our relationship with life, our relationship with our mind and how we think is an important part to focus on.

In this community driven course, together we are going to empower each other to gain a greater understanding of where our bias’ and distortions in perspectives are, so that we can better navigate our world, think more critically, make wiser decisions, and communicate more effectively with others.

The skills learned in this course are directly applicable to the real world and are amongst the most important factors in creating a society that more effectively makes sense of the world so that better long term decisions can be made.

By nature, since this is also a process of self observation and exploring our emotions, we are also going to develop a greater sense of peace within ourselves and thus in our outside relationships.


with Dr. Madhava Setty & Joe Martino

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T., Madhava worked in the defense industry for six years designing simulation and imaging systems. He then completed his doctorate in medicine from Baylor College of Medicine and training in anesthesiology from the University of Pennsylvania where he served as Chief Resident in 2002.

Dr. Setty’s diverse background and experience has allowed him to approach problems in novel ways. “When we cannot find the answers”, he says, “it is often because we are not asking the right questions.” His book “WOKE: An Anesthesiologist’s View” forms the foundation for this course that explores bias in a new light.

Joe Martino is the founder of Collective Evolution. At heart a philosopher, but in practice he has been an investigative journalist and teacher for over a decade.

His work with Collective Evolution has forged a new path in media, one that focuses on injecting the idea of personal transformation into news media. This experience pushes the need to develop self awareness and observation of thinking in order to truly create transformative media.

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"The "Overcoming Bias..." course has already started to transform my personal bias. I am excited to go forward and learn more." - Kathleen

"Amazing! 💜 this course already! Thank you for bringing this to the world. This is what we all need more than anything." - Delfina

Initial Feedback During Week 1

"Love the workbook and exercises, that is where I'm having my mind blown open. Thank you both, looking forward to going deeper and learning more." - LJ